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So Tom has some balls getting up on stage in front of music enthusiasts like that…

It is terrifying enough to perform music in front of people after doing it already, but especially the first time you do so.

He just needs some practice to get rid of nerves and smooth his vocals a little bit and he’ll be fine.

So Tom,



I imagine this is bts right after the scene where Hal snogs the holy hell out of Doll Tearsheet.Tom:  That was fun! I think we need to do it again though. ehehehehMaxine: ::blushes bright red and dies laughing::Asst. Director: ::holds Tom back:: Now Tom, stop that, get serious!


I imagine this is bts right after the scene where Hal snogs the holy hell out of Doll Tearsheet.

Tom:  That was fun! I think we need to do it again though. eheheheh
Maxine: ::blushes bright red and dies laughing::
Asst. Director: ::holds Tom back:: Now Tom, stop that, get serious!

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Tom Hiddleston just performed at the Wheatland Music Festival. He is learning how to play like Hank Williams for a bio pic from Rodney Crowell.

I knew he was a good choice for Hank Williams. OMG I’m speechless; he’s so good!!! :D 


"You’re gonna do great today"

Daily catfirmations


"You’re gonna do great today"

Daily catfirmations

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  • You manage to have a job and a social life, so it can’t be that bad
  • People have it so much worse then you do, you should be grateful you only have __________
  • Have you tried eating healthier?
  • Have you tried cutting out all alcohol?
  • Stop complaining
  • It’s all in your head
  • It’s annoying when…

-it’s not cancer…

-have you tried a psychiatrist?

-it’s probably just anxiety

-it’s probably just stress

-it’s probably just depression

-have you had therapy?

-you just need to get over it

-you can’t really need the toilet again

-what do you mean ‘you can’t make it’

-you’re still sick?

-we all get pain around ‘that time’ you know

Got anything to add? The list literally goes on…

You need to just push through the pain! 😒😑

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Photographer: Jeff Vespa

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Supreme control of the musculi faciei, and that tear in his eye.


awesome, gif is awesome.




See that adorable little fluff ball? His name was Gizmo, he was one of the happiest little pup pups that I have ever seen. He loved his family and every minute he cold spend with my mom.

One day, we gave him a busy bone as a treat. A few hours after eating it, he starting acting really odd. He wasn’t acting odd and barely reacted to anything. 

We didn’t really think anything of it because he was a pretty odd little pup and we thought he just he had to poop or something. So we went to bed and everything like normal.

The next day, he was even worse. He didn’t move at all, and threw up everything he tried to eat or drink. My mom called the vet and they said to just let it go for the night because he was probably just a little ill. 

Gizmo just kept getting worse and worse. He could barely life his head and laid around all day long. Finally, my mom brought him into the vet and she told them about what was going on and they decided to do an X-Ray on him.

After the results came in, they noticed a large blockage in Giz’s intestines. They called my mom so she could bring him in for emergency surgery. 

After surgery, the vet came out with a sample of what was blocking his intestines. As soon as my mom saw it, she knew exactly what it was. 

Busy Bone.

They said they extracted as much as they could, but it was hard because he was only about 10 pounds and surgery is hard on little dogs. We picked him up from the vet a few hours later so he could have a chance to wake up. When we picked him up, he was still under the anesthesia and not very responsive. We still brought him home because it was either that or leave him at the vet overnight alone.

When we got home, all of my other animals got next to the kennel to see what was wrong. 

They knew.

About an hour after getting home, Gizmo passed away at only 4 years old.

I then wrote a very angry letter to Purina (the owners of Busy Bone) telling them what happened. I heard back the next day, and we started our claim. 

They talked to Gizmo’s vet who told them is was definitely the Busy Bone that had caused his death. Purina paid us for the cost of the surgery just to shut us up and left us. 

I am telling you this story as a warning, I know that Busy Bones are a popular treat to give dogs, but I am begging you

Please do not feed your dogs Busy Bones. 

Gizmo’s life couldn’t be saved, but your dog still has a chance.

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